Monday, 6 April 2009

A long lost friend


noun 1 complete trust or confidence
Oxford English Dictionary

Today I announced a record attempt.

No, no all of you out there with oodles of faith in me... not world records, you sillies! South African records. The last two SA records I don't hold, CWT 60m and CNF 40m as well as bettering my own FIM 50m and STA 5.39. (For all the dear non-freedivers following this blog)*

So, faith. Complete trust or confidence.
I am recovering from a tummy bug (think bad bug with incisors, not spotted ladybird of luck) and have not dived particularly deep since arriving back here over a week ago.

But record attempts need to be announced 14 days in advance, and the way it's all going at present, I am not ready... But! I have 14 days...
So I am re-acquainting myself with faith. Faith and I go back a long way. We've been best friends for years... Faith is the kind of friend you can lose touch with for a while, and when you meet up again you're chatting away like you never left.

'Hi Faith, it's Hanli here... yeah... yeah... nice to hear your voice too...'

*CWT- constant weigth with fins, diving deep with monofin; CNF- constant no fins, diving deep no fins ie. breaststroke; FIM- free immersion, pulling yourself down a rope and up again; STA- static apnea, floating dead still face down holding your breath.)


  1. Hold on to the faith and let go of the pressure.

  2. ... Faith, that long-lost friend upon whom you are always afraid to call, because you feel some guilt over the five bucks you still owe from that last time you were hanging out together - but in fact, it is Faith who gives back, and you're left feeling silly for avoiding them.

  3. Prepare yourself as good as you can under the circumstances - Mentally as well as physical.

    Say to yourself that I have done what I could.

    When the day arrives, surrender yourself to the deep blue ocean...let go of everything an know that the love and faith you give to the ocean will be returned.