Monday, 30 March 2009

Cultivating wellbeing- Ears and Sprouts

So, you might ask yourself, what do ears and sprouts have in common!?

Hanli's list of similarities between ears and sprouts:

1. They are both important to my freediving:
1.1 If I can't equalise, my dive is ruined
1.2 If I'm not healthy, my dive is ruined

2. They both rule my world:
2.1 I speak to my ears, tell them they'll be ok, they can eqaulise, I love them, I'm with them all the way... (no, they're not always sure of this, rather insecure yes)
2.2 I speak to my sprouts, I tell them I love them, that they're beautiful and that I will eat them with respect
2.3 I rinse my ears in fresh water after each salt water dive
2.4 I rinse my sprouts every morning
2.5 I then pour alcoholic spirits into my ears to kill all bad things
2.6 I rinse my sprouts at noon
2.7 I then let my ears dry out before putting in some olive oil (cold pressed extra virgin organic) to stop beloved ears form drying out too much
2.8 I rinse my sprouts every evening
2.9 I say goodnight to both before bedtime, neither answer

3.0 I will share them with my dive-buddy, Stefan:

Good night ears, good night sprouts, I love you.


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  2. That was a truly unexpected and fascinating post. I think there's a short story in there somewhere... (well, it needs a spaceship or two, but that's easy to add-in later...).

    (You seem to be in some pain in that picture though...?)

  3. very observant... yes! love in pain and all that... i don't think i can actually say what is being done in that picture, will tell you one day when we meet ;)

  4. Is that a fork Stefan is using? Or a knife? I guess it must be Sara's knife then. Don't you worry, I'm sure she won't mind at all you using her cutlery that way ;-)

  5. No, I dont think there is anything serious happening. She is a bit of a drama queen, our beloved yogi mermaid.... Aspecially when the doc is checking her beloved ears!

    Why is it that talking to body parts seems so... how should I say... strange to me?

  6. your writing is getting more enjoyable with each new post! Wonderfully written and such an unusual and interesting comparison of two things one would normally never connect:).
    I'm your biggest fan:D

  7. Probably best not to combine the two and have sprouts growing out of your ears, huh?

  8. i now talk to my sprouts...but not yet my ears;)

  9. Thanks all who read and commented... An update: ALL IS WELL IN SPROUTLAND! Am also sprouting wheat to make bread from... very exciting, it needs no baking- so raw bread! Yeeha! Also having great salads with sprouts sprouts sprouts in... don't you just love that word? For all of you who are coming to the BIZZY BLUE HOLE in April I will share some of my tasty friends!

  10. (... I'll check and see if my office is planning a new branch in the Caribbean... I'll let you know....) ;)