Friday, 27 March 2009

SOUTH!!!!... well, halfway...

Just a quick note- from Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, I'm going back to Dahab! The last couple of days in snowy Stockholm (yes, winter oused spring and came back and froze us!!) have been mad... finishing the rough-cut on my film... not enough sleep and dreams of warmth!

So, I'm off- 5 weeks of dusty dark blue freediving... and some exciting new lifestyle and training decisions, more about those soon... but let's just say- I have over 10ks of seeds and grains with me...

Ok, my flight is boarding.... more soon!


  1. "... but let's just say- I have over 10ks of seeds and grains with me..."

    Hmmm... that's still illegal in South Africa :-)

  2. hey gorgeous, ENJOY is the only thing I can say. I'm pining for the perfect blue waters of Dahab - very murky over here, and daaaarrkkk! A day now to meditate and get my head round my next dive. Love to you, and enjoy my house, my bed and please give lots of cuddles to my pets. Speak soon

  3. best of luck - I'm sure you'll emerge victorious and energized (I'll put in a good word to Poseidon just to be sure...).

  4. Ha ha, John, I'll introduce you to my grainy friends once back in CT, they're quite innocent!
    Sara love, your house is lovely, pets happy- hope we both find our peace in the blue...
    Thanks for the good wishes Terry, will keep you posted, so to speak ;)
    Kiril... Sorry! I couldn't... I passed by twice, but how could I come in without having one of your amazing coffees... sorry, had to choose my freediving health! If you promise to make me tea I'll try come by when I'm back in Sthlm end of the month...
    Hugs to you all!