Sunday, 12 April 2009

Noseclip Days

So Hanli, which part of your body hurts today?
Today? My left nostril and the crown of my head.

Ok, so I do write a bit too much about strange body parts and afflictions, but it's a known fact that freedivers are hypochondriacs and body fixated- not in the very vain sense, just that you need every single part of your body to work perfectly, every second of every dive.

So- my right nostril.
I have a very very vicious noseclip. In order to start diving without a mask, only noseclip, I really doctored my old faithful gold-glittered noseclip, to get it to sit really really tight, so that I can equalise against it, no hands! Which is great, but for the amount of pressure I use to equalise, I need to put it super hard... so it huuuuurts!!!

And today, beautiful flat day in the Blue Hole, at last! But this meant no current to push us away from the reef, so swam head first bang into a coral outcrop at 30m... Ouch! Sure hope the coral is ok, hers being a more a risk species than mine..!

Other than that, all good in camel-land. The noseclip is starting to work, now I just need to make my whole mouth nose ears head area understand to equalise with water streaming over my eyes.
Sometimes I feel like what happens inside me is removed from me... I think I'm in control, then- I'm not. And yes, yes, my usual lesson of letting go comes back at me and I'm learning.

Apart from the head on coral and sore nose, today was good. The water loves me and I love her back!

The good old days of diving with a mask... I love you Sphera... I miss you...

Photo: Jesper Stechmann


  1. When my lovley girlfriend is comming down to you in a couple of days, would you mind sharing the noseclip experiances and techniques with her?

    Cose that is the "homework" I gave her...

  2. Hi Hanli, Kars here, I just bumbed into your blog and want to say to you I'm enjoying your writings. Also your writing style, and nice photo's. Have fun in the Blue hole, I wish I could have been there, as of now I'm confined to the artificial pool and the chilly dark green local lakes.
    Hopefully I'll meet up with you at the next Nordic Deep. Gegroet, liefde, moed en Water, Kars

  3. Hi Kars! Glad you like it, keep coming back! Sure you'll get some bluewater soon... or green, at NordicDeep for sure!
    And Martin, will definitely make Elisabeth suffer with me with only noseclip, it will be my pleasure ;)

  4. that was a really cool picture :)

  5. hi how did you get the nose clip to go so tight as i cant works great above water but not below are there any ajustable ones ie like a clamp as normal nose clips just dont do it for me ,many thanks colin