Friday, 17 July 2009

Confessions of a Commitment-phobic

If you had asked me two months ago if you could book a course with me, say- next year March,
you wouldn't have gotten a straight answer out of me. Because how the hell would I know where I'm gonna be next year March, right?
Well... ask me now, today!!
Go on- ask me 'Hanli, please can I do a course with you next year March'.
'Sure', I answer, '2nd or 3rd weekend work best for you?'

A shift has happened.

I am committing to my beloved Cape Town, my mountains and the two oceans that surround us. I will be here. This is where I will be.
I have recently moved into a new flat in Kalk Bay, (well I say new, built in the 1840's or something) and am making it home. This new base will of course be the launching pad for many a travel and great daring adventure, but I will return.

'Do you, Hanli, take this bay, False Bay, to love and to treasure, to protect and support,
through sickness and health...?'
I DO!!


  1. Cool, can I have a course with you 10-16 sept, then? :)

    Im so much with you - used to be a uncommitted, affraid of planning and felt klaustrophobic when someone asked me about a weekend in the coming month... Something happened and now I can tell you exactly when I will be in Christimas 2010... Maybe its becaus Ive growned up? I hope not...

  2. Vackert par, du och Kalk Bay. Jag tror jag ska göra samma commitment grej till Ingarö. Puss

  3. ..............and pigs will fly :-)

  4. Great photo! it reminds me of the cover of the movie "Le Grand Bleu" - "The Big Blue". I only mis Hanly swimming somewhere in between.

    I'm looking forward to some more location photo's.
    I think the planning is also a search for some goal and certainty. But in my observation it's a hard thing to do now a days, with the many imposed scares.

    Al the best,


  5. Hanli,

    I was in St. Raphael sailing on a catamaran and we stopped to go snorkeling. A student of mine taught me to equalize and, although not much for free-divers like yourself, I made it down to around 25 feet. What an exhiliration! What absolute freedom! I will have to come to S.A. one day to learn from a professional because it was such an amazing feeling.