Thursday, 2 July 2009

Blue Rock Winter Sunshine

A couple of pics from the course I taught this weekend in Kalk Bay and at Blue Rock Quarry.
The guys did amazing results, 20 and 23 meters in depth and both well over 4 min in statics! So proud of them, relative newcomers they are. Cape Town opened her skies and gave us a sunny day at the quarry, but golly it was cold and dark down there...

Briefing before first session, Craig listening intently- I think?

Yoga stretch and warm up.

Photos: Nate Maingard


  1. aha! Those pants look familiar =)
    Have been wearing mine all weekend while taking care of my atjletes doing a full swedish classic in a row. Strong minds...

  2. Wow, sounds amazing! Wish I'd gotten two pairs... we'll have to just go back and get more, won't we now? Kram på dig