Saturday, 16 May 2009

The Southern-most tip of Africa!

If you have an insatiable, inexplicable, unstoppable and all-consuming love for the ocean- and you haven't been to Cape Town, then you're a liar... or need to travel more.
Coming back to Cape Town has been like seeing a lover after months of absence and years of solitude.

My friend Steve has brought a boat to Cape Town, and Steve, like me, is unashamedly in love with the ocean- although he might express himself more manly... Nevertheless, we understand each other and the sea. Steve and I plan to unlock, explore and savour all the treasures of our beloved Peninsula. Our first trip was legendary.

We launched the boat off Miller's point, into flat, calm blue water. Looking down into the water I let out a shriek- 'It's like Thailand, with Kelp!' Top to bottom visibility: white sand with tall dark kelp rising up off the bottom, swaying in the current like the spirits of the deep come to play.

I had brought two very green girlfriends along, experienced surfers, truthfully, but freediving? It was more like, 'um, equalisation?' so Steve and I decided to ease them into it... ah, a perfect plan made in the most perfect of ways...
First we stopped at a beautiful reef outcrop (reef my side of the world, think dark rocks covered in colourful urchins, kelp forests and sheepish looking shy sharks- no Nemo here...) anyway, the girls got to pull themselves up and down the kelps testing ears and breathhold, both doing exceptionally well.
Next stop, a seal colony. We continued further down the coast, to a stinky rock covered in seals, the most perfect playmates for three ocean loving girls.
So, the most perfect plan was to get dropped just south of the seals, swim with the current and waves to them, play a while, then swim past the rocks to get picked up the other side again by the boat... sounds simple?
Firstly, Steve's words, said softly so Roxy and Kim couldn't hear, 'Han, stay close to the rocks, keep your eyes open, all directions'. Seals, False Bay, deep water= Great Whites. 'Gulp, sure, no worries Steve- come on girls!'
Eyes peeled, finning hard for the rock, current strong waves bigger than expected, and suddenly we're off course wih huge swell running over a barely submerged rock and we're tumbled, white water, lost my snorkel... look over my shoulder for my friends, 'dear god, let me not kill my friends today' seeing Kim's slightly dishevelled but smiling face, 'easing us in genlty, are you?' we burst out laughing and call for the boat. This time less plan more precision, drop next to the seals and yes! They flash past us, closer closer closer, their curiosity making them spin around us like bees to pollen. One little seal caught up in the moment took a quick bite at Roxy's fin before joyfully leaping over Kim's shoulder and then speeding up to me diving down and between my legs, three girls in the big blue surrounded by ecstatic seal-friends laughing joyfully!

I'm home.


  1. Låter som en underbar dag på havet. Ge happySteve en kram från mig!

  2. You lucky lucky girl. And I want to hear all about the other stuff too ;-)

    QUOTE : "Coming back to Cape Town has been like seeing a lover after months of absence and years of solitude."

    Beautiful metaphor - could there be more behind it??? Biggest hugs Hanli, miss you! xxxx

  3. Sounds like a great place to dive! I'll keep it in my mind for my future dive vacations...