Sunday, 19 April 2009

The ears, the coach and the four things I forget

Today I thought I burst my eardrum.

There's an Egyptian saying that roughly translates into 'some days are honey and others are onions...' Yesterday was sweet raw eucalyptus honey, today was a teary onion stinging my eyes.

Yesterday I did a new personal best no fins, which was great. Today was, well- onions. Or so I thought... then I had a good chat with Linda who is coaching me at the moment, and I came to my usual ah-ha experience realisation... which those of you who follow this blog will recognise.

Let go let go let go let go. (Think I might need to tattoo that on a prominent body part soon!)
There are only four things in our lives we truly have control over- our thoughts, our feelings, our words and our actions. Think about it. We feel, but it is a CHOICE how we let these feelings influence our thoughts, our actions. We think, but I can CHOOSE what I dwell on. It's when we try to control all the other things in our lives, that we lose control over these four things, that are the only four we actually DO have control over. I have allowed my feelings and thoughts to run amok the last few days. I have tried to control all that is outside- I lost. So, letting go- again.

Resting tomorrow, talking sweet nothings to my ear... drinking strawberry juice and reading.
A day of honey! I have chosen!

Linda whispering wisdom at me- she is the guru of equalisation!


Photos: Daan Verhoeven


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  2. Hanli,

    so many rumors about the new PB and no numbers... tell, tell, tell...!!! How much is 'more than ever'?
    I decided to do another PB in DNF before that shoulder gets mended...
    About the tattoo... you mean creepy Memento-style? Mirrored on your chest so you see it every morning? I suggest you just make it a mantra. Wouldn't want you to run around with that for the rest of your life, really...
    Enjoy the honey (with yogurt and strawberries...). Hope you have more of it every day.

  3. Hanli,

    another comment about how I like your blog, and the insights I got about your character. It's great to read about your personal struggles, successes and failures.



  4. Thanks Kars... happy to know you're checking in on my (sometimes bumpy) journey!
    Martin, would I do anything distasteful...?
    I'm thinking, on the top of my foot, so as I take each new step forward, I read, let go let go let go... etc... Good idea, huh? Does require that I live in a warm place where I can always walk barefoot... oh wait, I already do!! ;)

  5. While new to freediving, but not the ocean, help in answering some questions.

    First, unlike scuba, freediving seems to attract ocean animals to you, no not the cute fishes, but the bull sharks and the big denizens also. Why??

    Second,small fish like to swim/or shelter(pilot fish, trigger fish and others) while you are freediving. Why is this sheltering behaviour in fish not happening when other diving activities like scuba, or snorkeling, occur??