Sunday, 15 March 2009

Public Breathhold at Stockholm Outdoor Fair

Today I did a static 'exhibition' at the Stockholm Vildmarksmässa / Outdoor fair. As it often comes about in these crazy things I do and wonder 'why the hell am I doing this again?'- the answer is Sebastian.

So there I was in front of a crowd of non-freedivers, having promised Sebastian at least 4 minutes. As I got into the 27° water of the temporary pool in the middle of the conference center, I regretted my loyalty to the tall Swede once again. I so did not want to do a static.
My mind was all over the place, at 1min I was thinking of breaking the static.... but managed to rein in my racing mind... and ended up doing 5min 15sec.
Not close to a PB or anything, but a good mental exercise!

Breathing-up before the breathhold.

Happy after... well... relieved!

Photos: Martin Lundgren


  1. "My mind was all over the place, at 1min I was thinking of breaking the static.... "

    That's the problem I get in comps or a serious
    training session.So much so my thinking is - "I'll never do a good static because I have an over thinking problem" You can't a fake leg cramp, or you missed an equalisation. There's no where to hide in a static. Awesome for pulling a great time :) Whats your PB?

  2. Yeah, over thinking... sure sucks! Mental strength, that's our game, isn't it!?
    I've done 5.39 in a competition, more in training.
    A good static is for me a sympton of good fitness and a calm mind, not a goal in itself... if you know what I mean?
    Thanks for the congrats! H

  3. Well done!

    Any funky reactions frome the no-freedivers? Or did they just turn away in thinking "they are nuts!"?

  4. Hehe... it was actually not too bad, Sebastian spoke all the time and explained to them what they were seeing... got lots of freediving interest actually! ;)

  5. I´m one of those ones - and the whole thing was exiting, entertaining, and very impressing! My feeling during these minutes were - I also want to try - How far and long can I go?!

    Keep inspiring!