Monday, 23 February 2009

A small moment- in a Big City

Dogs, curtains and cold birds...

I was walking down the street, ambling, for once not cycling and not with
music on, actually partaking in the world, hearing some of the first brave
little birds tweeting out of tune, frozen little vocal cords straining,
cars hooting at intrepid cyclists- as myself- but today not me.
which is when i saw an odd sight: a man standing outside a shop on the
pavement, with a dog on a leash. the dog was straining and happily waving
it's tail at the shop window, the man looked cold and cross, shaking his
head emphatically at the window 'no, no, no NO!' i was intrigued.
approaching the shop, i saw the man's i suppose wife, standing inside
holding up curtain after curtain looking quite desperate, gesticulating
wildly at him, but he was not impressed. obviously the shop doesn't allow
dogs, and obviously it's gonna b
e a long day of window/ curtain shopping!

(Ah, this blog you wonder, is purely for freediving, or will be forced to
read the randon meanderings of this O2 deprived mind? Answer: yes!
As long as I'm not by the sea, neither will this blog be... but sooon!!)


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