Friday, 20 February 2009

Not that Alkaline!

How often do you think about the blood in your veins?
When you bleed... is that all?

Well, Freedivers think of their blood quite often, or... should. See, your blood can either be alkaline or acidic, this is true and scientific, but I'm not going to explain the technicalities, just trust me.
So, alkaline is good. Better oxygen saturation. Acidic is not good. Bad oxygen carrier, AND infections grow in acid, from fungal infections (urgh, yes) to many other bad things. (Again this is all very scientific, but I'm not... so let's stay colloquial!)

What makes us alkaline?
Lots of good veggies, preferably raw, fruit- WATERMELON!!

What makes us acidic?
Coffee, sugar, wheat, alcohol, cynicism.

What makes the Swedish winter bearable?
See above, under ACIDIC...



  1. you recognise the feeling morten?
    at least you shoot some fresh fish so you're
    sure to get good protein ;)