Friday, 14 May 2010

'My cake is weird'

'How was your day', Bridget asks? 'How was the workshop? 'Amazing!' I reply, 'I feel so much clearer, so much more at peace... you see', I beam at her, ... 'my cake is weird!' B looks up from the Origami paper crane she is folding (nr 145 of 1000 paper cranes for her wedding... and she thinks I am strange!?) and eloquently asks 'Huh?'

We are drinking tea in her lovely lounge in an already dark and very rainy Cape Town after a long day spent with Justin and Juliet of Greenhouse. (Greenhouse offers a safe environment for the cultivation of conscious ideas into reality.)And all of today I have had the privilege of being in that safe environment and cultivating my conscious ideas over super-smoothies, dates and brazil nuts. We started with values, what I believe, why I do what I do... then vision, then goals, then offering and all the way down to HOW.
So back to the cake. One of the most radical things was looking at my life as a cake, all I do being slices of this cake. Percentages of time I spend on the myriad of things that are my life. And man, my cake is weird. Spending too much time doing things I don't want to be doing, that also do not bring benefit on any level, spiritual, emotional, financial or physical. So out with the old cake, in with the new.
My new Cake is beautiful. She is a cake of beauty and truth. I feel peaceful when I think of her. The slices of my new cake make sense, financially and practically. And the most important slice, the slice called Adventure, has gro w n m u C H L A R G E R.

My new cake, isn't she grand?

This shift will soon manifest in the practical, but for now, it is a happiness I hold in my heart. A new perfect cake, with a large slice of Adventure. Flavoured with values... imagination, resilience, joy, passion, freedom, risk, courage, authenticity...

Welcome to the Party!


  1. I know I comment a lot, but I love your blog and I love you and I love everything you do! This is so exciting, I want to remake my cake, it's definitely an unbalanced and roughly baked one at the moment;).
    Best of luck with your new, unique, adventuring YOU CAKE!

  2. Wait, so now that you have your cake, are you gonna eat it too?

    And you forgot to put candles on it.

    Have hot chocolate with it.

  3. So glad your cake isn't weird any more.
    1000 origami cranes = one wish. What's weird about that? :)