Thursday, 18 March 2010

Sharks, Surfers and Deep Blue Water!

From ice to rolling green hills covered in sugarcane! The KwaZulu Natal coastline has really crept into my heart. Once a month I am teaching a volley of courses up on the tropical side of our beautiful country. The water is a clear rolling blue, the trees are a vivid green and the people are as diverse as the sand is white.
I am working together with Mark and Gail Addison from Blue Wilderness just south of Umkomaas, and together with their supercrew- Marcus, James and Goodman, I've been introducing many new freedivers to the lure of the deep!
I love this Zuluwonderland and as much as Cape Town holds my heart, a small part of me has definitely taken root up east.

A usual week in KZN includes numerous one-day courses- a crash course in the mental and physical intricacies that is freediving; an advanced day of deeper dives for those who have done the course the previous visit; and also, the opportunity for those who have done the course to come out on a shark dive! Aliwal Shoal offers a smorgÄsbord of black-tips, Zambezi's, Tiger Sharks, Dusky Sharks, Raggies... not even to mention the whale sharks, dolphin, turtles and other ocean friends.

It is always the greatest pleasure to take as active ocean user as a surfer is, and showing them these toothy friends... a shift happens when somebody gets to hang out with over 30 sharks in close proximity and realise 'they don't want to eat me!'

Look forward to many more days of blue green rolling waves, hills and sharky friends!

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  1. hanli, what are your views on shark cage diving?