Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The Most Perfect Day

Two like-minded ocean-loving girls, two boards, two paddles... a plan to do a long paddle from Camps Bay around to Sea Point... but the ocean had another plan for us...

Filmed on my Olympus TOUGH


  1. Hanli

    This is an amazing video, my friend Craig, who works with me told me about the Sunday Session and that you would be putting up photos / video.

    I would love to show off the video on CampsBay.Com and the webcam site, drop me an email sometime. brad@campsbay.com

  2. My buddy Ray and I were there too on our bodyboards!!!

    Awesome Amazing Sooperfantstic time frolocking with my brother and sister mammals :)

    Wish I had my goggles tho...

    Nice Vid Hanli, was nice meeting u!


  3. When I see this I can believe that the world is still in order (at least at that moment in time out in the ocean at Camps Bay beach) Goosebump stuff. Thank you for sharing this awesome video. Gabi

  4. That is an amazing video girls, aaaah wish I had been there... next time x x Becks

  5. That was unreal.. Most amazing clip we have seen !!
    Well done Hanli

    The Cape Luxury Stay team

  6. Thanks for giving us a huge smile on a snowy winter's day in Canada.

  7. goosebumps all over, so much beauty everywhere! Wonder more and more why I'm away from the place I love the most:).
    Lovely music, lovely dolphins, lovely friends, thanks Hanli!

  8. hey gorgeous, wow, so much I didn't get to do in Cape Town! Must think about coming back one day... Missing you and wishing a lovely Christmas. Let's speak soon? xxxx S

  9. Waaaah! Vad fint Hanli! Blir alldeles lycklig, nu kommer jag sova med ett stort smile på läpparna :)


  10. Hey all! Thanks for the comments! Wish I could share this experience with all of you... the ocean is a fickle lover and you need to spend a lot of time with her to get this kind of moment! Very privileged indeed!!! See you in the water... Hanli

  11. Hi Hanli - Sophia (my sister) told me about this video. It is amazing! You should send it to the Argus - a beautiful, positive video will be good - in lieu of all the negativity with the shark attack in False Bay.
    Lovely video. Hendrika

  12. Who is the third person who did the filming? Or did a dolphin hold the camera?

  13. Hey all! Thanks for the great feedback, it really was a great day!
    Nope, dolphin didn't hold the cam, they were dusky's, only bottlenoses are camera operators... ;)
    No, actually this nice guy Mark paddled up on his SUP and got the great shots of Jean and I together! Thanks Mark!