Friday, 13 November 2009

The ocean eats my Words

So this blog is supposed to be about my freediving and my life 'lived in love with the ocean', right? And the last few months have been full of incredible ocean adventures... but you wouldn't know that, cause i haven't been blogging!! What's with that?
And now I'm sitting here in a cafe in Gothenburg, Sweden, called Fröken Olsson- seeing my first snow in many months, snuggled into my new warm thick needed scarf- and I decide to write.

So this gets me thinking... and you know what it is?
The ocean eats my Words!

When diving, surfing, climbing, swimming- living the life I do in Cape Town, I live in my body in my heart... a wordless state of physical being.
But Sweden gets me back into my head- and I write. And this is a good thing.
I'm here to finish my film I've been working on for four years, a very very personal non-oceanic adventure in self discovery. 'White as Blood'. A film about being white in South Africa today.
And yes, I had to leave Cape Town, leave the waves, the seals, animal ocean and all that is sea, to focus on this story I'm telling.

I'm here for a month, and when done I hope to come back to CT with new words, a sense of accomplishment, no tan and a FILM, at long long last!

Words words words of seperation politics... my words for now!


  1. i love that photo my african friend =)

    looking forward seeing you film.

    puss å kram,

  2. My dear Hanli,

    I know that feeling very well. Your "wordless state of physical being"... It is the tranquillity of life. It would be a shame spending it infront of a computer and I would feel bad to ask you to do so ony to fetch a part of it.

    Size the day! The sunny days by the sea and the grey days in the cutting room. Good things will come from both.

    Just be sure to show that film in Berlin!