Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Big Waves Big Lungs Part 2

There is something about people who truly love the ocean. I'm not sure what it is, a certain whatchamacallit... depth?

The last few weeks I've spent time with Cape Town's Big Wave Surfers (yes all those capital letters are much deserved!) and what a pleasure. Earnest, honest, vibrant ocean people who seek to better themselves, their performance and they really do love the sea!

So this past Sunday saw me once again with a group of passionate people, giving and receiving in equal doses. Like last time, I was impressed by the mixture of physicality, mental focus and willingness to learn.

Breathe, breathe breeeeathe... and hold... yes, that's a contraction!!

Telling them about the Mammalian Dive Response, man I love it!
(Chris Bertish, Cecilia Liebenberg, Jean Holmes, Sean Holmes)

James Taylor, Steve Benjamin, Barry Futter, Greg and Chris Bertish getting ready to dive.

C'est moi!

Thanks to Kimi Stewart for the pics and good company, and huge thanks as always to Steve Benjamin for great boat, great skippering and the best smile in town:

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