Thursday, 26 February 2009

Ok! Ok... I'm listening!

I think the Universe, or someone really big with lots of power, is trying to tell me something...

I'm in Dahab, Egypt, at last after stressful days finishing off work in Sweden, travelling trans-sweden to catch my flight here, only to arrive with a terrible cold and a raging fever.

You know when you feel like you're banging your head against the same door again and again, thinking that maybe you will get a different reaction next time- well surprise, you won't!
Patterns, it's all about patterns, the patterns we live- th
at become who we think we are- makes sense?
No? Hardly to me either. But I'm starting to figure out how much of what I do and what I say is actually me, and how much of it is just what I've always done... and said... ie. my pattern!

My rollercoaster life led me to above mentioned crazy trip to Dahab, where my heart and soul has been for so long- longing for this blue blue water and living only for my diving. And then, as the time approaches, I'm flat on my back with a terrible cold and a fever.
So now I've been here in Dahab since wednesday, and NOT BEEN IN THE OCEAN!!

Talk about a hard lesson, phew!
So now I'm observing my greatest love from a distance, and getting immense perspective through it. Seeing myself more clearly, my expectations, my dreams, what I am and what I want to be.

So, yes, I'm listening.

Listening more, speaking less.
And tomorrow- I will dive...

Photo: Annelie Pompe

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